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How Directive Consulting Successfully Untangled Old Code
to Relaunch their Website & Proprietary App

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The Bottom Line

I don’t know what we would have done without Compiled Rogue’s experience, flexibility, and ability to problem-solve. They truly became a partner in the rebrand process, allowing us to have full confidence and trust in them.

Brian Bui

Former Director of Marketing and Digital Marketing Manager


Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Plugins Eliminated
Templates Removed
Lines of Cowboy Code Cleaned
App Rescued
The Whole Story

About the Client: Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting is a software performance marketing agency that generates growth for its clients through customer-led solutions. Directive Consulting analyzes how marketing efforts impact their clients, and they create marketing plans to meet long-term goals.

Case Study Highlights


  • Directive Consulting made a conscious shift in their niche, but their new focus wasn’t reflected in their website’s branding or content.
  • The website’s existing infrastructure was inflexible and difficult to update, resulting in a poor user experience.
  • The source code for their app, Pulse, had functionality concerns due to inconsistent development.
  • Projects struggled to maintain momentum due to shifting responsibility and development teams. This led to excessive, inefficient manual updates.


  • Bring in a team of experts to create a strategy for the website relaunch based on best practices and Directive Consulting’s new niche.
  • Maximize utility and function across the website, allowing for seamless updates and maximum performance.
  • Update the source code for the proprietary Pulse app, creating a base code that’s easy to manage and update while automating previously manual tasks.
  • Maintain focus on long-term business goals, even while completing smaller projects.


  • Successful relaunch of the website, highlighting Directive Consulting’s niche and competitive advantage.
  • A clean, user-friendly website experience that’s also easy to update and manage on the back-end.
  • Redevelopment of the now fully functional Pulse app that allows users to easily track their search engine market share.
  • More flexibility and easier project management through a focus on long-term goals.

Background: Launch a rebranded website and updated app to a newly refined audience.

Directive Consulting has stepped to the forefront of performance marketing for software companies. This clarity and focus came when they shifted away from general B2B support and into the SaaS market.

A focused rebrand is exciting, but it also requires substantial shifts. With a lot of moving parts—from relaunching a website to overhauling an app—Directive Consulting knew it would be important to work with someone who could keep everything streamlined and operational.

Going into the project with Compiled Rogue, Brian Bui, the former Director of Marketing and Digital Marketing Manager, says,

“Compiled Rogue does high-quality work with great attention to detail, and they think beyond the task. I had confidence that working with them would allow us to stand apart from other agencies and showcase our competitive advantage.”

When Compiled Rogue began working with Directive Consulting, they had two main tasks:

  • Support a full website redesign and relaunch.
  • Rebuild Pulse, an app designed to help users track their search engine market share, giving them insight into their traffic, competitors, and more.

Challenge: Simplify a patchwork of code across assets.

Going into the project, Directive Consulting knew they needed support facing a big challenge: A mishmash of code from various developers that often caused breakage and inefficiencies. After switching to a new, refined audience, they needed to update both their website and their app.

According to Bui,

“For almost nine months we’d been living with the older site messaging, built on an infrastructure that wasn’t set up for success. At the same time, the code behind our Pulse app was complicated and we didn’t know how to fix it. I was spending hours manually updating the data every month.”

Over the years, different developers found different solutions, resulting in a patchwork of overly-complicated code. As a result, any attempts to update the website or adjust the app code would lead to breakage.

This meant that Directive Consulting struggled to create a user experience that reflected their high level of expertise or spoke to their savvy audience. They were operating from an outdated website that didn’t reflect the changes in the company. At the same time, they had a proprietary app that they did not feel ready to promote publicly, due to functionality issues.

They needed the support of someone who could, not just revamp the code, but focus on their long-term goals. In the end, they partnered with Compiled Rogue to address their biggest challenges.

Solution: Rebuild base code with an eye for long-term usability and business goals.

Compiled Rogue stepped in with a keen understanding of what Directive Consulting was looking for.

Founder Michael Sablone explains, 

“Directive Consulting wanted someone who they could trust to create an efficient long-term solution, rather than separate, iterative pieces.”

Compiled Rogue’s marching orders were to simplify and add utility. They reviewed the existing code, redeveloped both the website and the app, and provided ongoing development support.

Sablone notes,

“Whatever state someone’s code is in, we can make it work. There’s always something salvageable, and we start there. Then, we look at what we can redevelop and improve upon in a way that will save time and energy, now and in the future. We aim to crush it, with every project, every time.”

For the website, Compiled Rogue developed a new, streamlined infrastructure based on a modular framework. This simplified back-end updates, while also allowing for an optimal user experience. They also ensured the performance and responsiveness of the website remained high, even when adding motion graphics, interactivity, and animations. In addition, they redesigned the Pulse app with simplified code, improved internals, and enhanced automations of previously manual processes, saving Directive Consulting hours of time every month.

Marketing Manager of Directive Consulting, Sean Martin, says of the experience,

“Both form and function were important with the website rebrand, and Compiled Rogue has delivered on both. They continue to provide support with implementation, and they’re candid with their explanations and guidance.”

Results: Streamlined code, a responsive website, and an overhauled app that Directive Consulting can be proud of.

When Compiled Rogue finished sorting through and reimagining the tangled patchwork of source code, Directive Consulting a fully functional, beautiful website that allowed for an unparalleled user experience and a streamlined app that they could confidently put their name behind.

Of the website relaunch, Bui recounts,

“We grew a lot after the revamp. Our head count more than doubled, and a lot of it was attributed to the new website. The continued support meant we never got stale, and thanks to Compiled Rogue, anything felt possible.”

Pulse received a complete overhaul, giving Directive Consulting a unique proprietary tool that spoke to their expertise. As a result of Compiled Rogue’s work, the app was showcased on the website and launched to a larger audience.

Overall, Directive Consulting gained a trusted partner. With both the website and the app projects, Compiled Rogue leveraged their breadth of knowledge and skills to provide ongoing support and management.

Of the experience, Martin says,

“There’s often a disconnect between the agency and the development worlds. Compiled Rogue was aware of that and made an effort to stay plugged into the agency side, answer questions, provide recommendations, and allow our team to do more than they otherwise could.”

Gain a development partner focused on your long-term objectives.

When you bring Compiled Rogue in on your projects, you gain a trusted partner who can confidently take your existing infrastructure and develop a more streamlined, simplified version that’s aligned with your long-term goals. Please reach out to team up.


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