How SentinelOne Developed a Website
Rebrand on a Tight Timeline

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The Bottom Line

Compiled Rogue is my secret sauce. I’m more successful in my role, without a doubt, because of our partnership with them. They’re an integral part of the theme, we trust them, and we look forward to continuing the relationship. Sablone has never failed me yet.

Migo Kedem

Vice President, Growth


DataSet is a SentinelOne solution that takes a security-first perspective to data analytics.

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About SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a cybersecurity provider that offers advanced, autonomous AI endpoint, cloud, and identity security. By continuously innovating, they’ve earned numerous awards and are trusted by several Fortune 10 companies and many enterprise-scale clients.

Case Study Highlights


  • Implement entire website redesign and content import in just three weeks.
  • Ensure the website can be easily edited on the back-end.
  • Navigate moving parts between development, design, and copy.


  • Leverage experienced team of developers with a mixture of high-level and acute skills.
  • Integrate strategy and execution to create a website with forward-thinking functionality.
  • Incorporate years of legacy knowledge and familiarity with client for a seamless process.


  • On-time delivery of website development, meeting all client requests and specifications.
  • Creation of a user-friendly website, for both the public and client’s staff.
  • Client satisfaction, ensuring the client’s staff look great and feel excellent about the project.
  • Deepened trust in multi-year working relationship with the client, due to another seamless delivery on the books.

Background: Rebuild the website of an acquired company

SentinelOne is a fast-growing business, and their web department is no exception.

While expansion is exciting, Migo Kedem, Vice President of Growth, knows there is great value in relationships with longevity. He said,

I’ve worked with Michael Sablone for years. I come to him with problems, rather than solutions. We’re both pretty technical, so we brainstorm and discuss options together. He and the Compiled Rogue team are partners, more than contractors.”

SentinelOne began working with Compiled Rogue in 2018. “Back then, we were both scrappy,” founder Michael Sablone says. But over the years, the two companies have grown together and formed “a symbiotic relationship.”

Kedem called Compiled Rogue in early 2022 when SentinelOne acquired and needed to rebrand it to A full website rebuild was underway for the newly-acquired data analytics service, and they needed help to roll it out in time.

Challenge: Meet a tight deadline with many moving parts

After acquiring, SentinelOne used their internal design team to create a new website design under the name

There were several challenges to implementation.

  • Only three weeks were available to implement the website design and populate the content.
  • The new website needed ease of editing on the back-end, which would allow web developers and copywriters to work concurrently.
  • There were a number of moving parts—between design, content, and execution—that could lead to backtracking during implementation.

Kedem knew Compiled Rogue was the right team for the development job, because they had an understanding of SentinelOne’s existing infrastructure, and they could take on a quick turnaround project without taxing SentinelOne’s in-house staff. Kedem said,

“Creating a new brand under an existing brand is always a challenge. It’s essentially building a new language, and only in a few weeksa process that usually takes much more time than that.”

Solution: Leverage a cohesive, diverse team of skilled developers

Compiled Rogue does things differently than other development teams. Sablone explains, “These days, developers are typically highly acute, only having one area of expertise. But between my high-level knowledge and experience, and my team’s talent and acute skill sets, we can tackle large projects with speed and accuracy. We know all of the pieces of the puzzle and can bring them all together in an enterprise-size website.

For the project, Compiled Rogue mobilized its team, including:

  • A technology lead who previously built SentinelOne’s website infrastructure and understood how fit in within the company’s digital ecosystem.
  • An SEO expert, who set up from the beginning for comprehensive tracking and reporting.
  • A funnel expert, who leveraged the tools needed to capture high-quality leads for the end client.
  • A legacy code expert, who seamlessly implemented design and interactive.

As a result, the project went off without a hitch. Kedem said,

“We have very good communication with Compiled Rogue that allows us all to refine what we are delivering to the optimum.”

Results: On-time delivery, without a sweat

Although Kedem acknowledged that a project like this would typically require more than three weeks, the quick turnaround was no sweat for Compiled Rogue.

Sablone said, “When we finished the project, the SentinelOne CMO held a meeting to thank everyone and say how impressed he was. No one thought we could meet the deadline. But not only did we meet it, it was a breeze.”

Compiled Rogue completed the project within the prescribed timeline, even with all the moving parts and back-end development integrations and requirements.

Sablone acknowledges the company’s history with SentinelOne supported the success of the project. He said, “We were standing on the shoulders of three years of knowing the code base, the marketing, and the staff. Everything we did piggybacked on a problem we’d already solved. This is the power of specialized skills and a company that believes in us coming together.”

Kedem summarizes the working relationship:

“When we started working with Compiled Rogue, we had one website, we managed social, and everything needed to be connected. Now we have over a dozen websites, and every tool that has been implemented, Sablone has been a part of evaluating and integrating. There’s longevity with our relationship. I can go to them and ask, ‘Hey, this is what I want, is that doable?’ It’s more of a partnership than a task to be done. And they always deliver.

Are you looking for a development team you can trust for the long-haul?

When you make Compiled Rogue your development solution, every project is smoother, and you are supported every day. Please reach out to team up.


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