Shawn Peters Briones



I am an experienced web developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and API integration. I specialize in developing custom WordPress themes and plugins, optimizing performance, and creating interactive web applications. Additionally, I have experience using Node.js to build server-side applications and deploying them to Heroku, enabling me to create scalable and robust web applications. With a strong understanding of marketing platforms like HubSpot and Segment, I implement advanced automation and data manipulation. I also have solid skills in Salesforce development and MySQL database management. With a strong problem-solving mindset and attention to detail, I deliver high-quality web solutions that drive results and exceed client expectations.

Professional Skills
Programming Languages and Frameworks:
  • HTML5: Mastery in creating well-structured, semantic web documents and responsive layouts. Understanding of SEO principles, accessibility standards and cross-browser compatibility.
  • CSS: Expertise in crafting clean and scalable stylesheets, utilizing advanced features such as Flexbox, CSS variables, and pre-processors like Sass and Less.
  • JavaScript: Highly skilled in ES6 and jQuery for fast and concise JavaScript coding, asynchronous programming, event handling, DOM manipulation, and animation.
  • Node.js: Strong experience using Node.js for server-side programming and the Express.js framework for building RESTful APIs and server-side rendering. Knowledge of database integration, user authentication, and authorization.
  • Heroku: Experience in using Node.js to build server-side applications and deploying them to Heroku.
  • PHP and Twig: In-depth knowledge of PHP for creating efficient server-side applications. Familiarity with PHP 7.0 and higher, object-oriented programming, and security best practices. Proficiency in using the Twig template engine for effective server-side rendering and template inheritance.
  • API Integrations: Considerable experience integrating APIs into websites and applications, building custom functionality, and manipulating data. Proficient in RESTful API development.
Content Management Systems:
  • WordPress: Mastery in developing custom WordPress themes, plugins, and functionality for high-volume clients. Experience in WordPress theme customization, styling, and performance optimization.
Marketing Platforms:
  • HubSpot: Extensive experience in creating custom modules and functionality for HubSpot sites. Proficiency in HubSpot template customization, COS/CMS development, and API integration.
  • Segment: Skilled in using Segment to pull and manipulate data from various sources, implementing marketing flows, and integrating APIs and third-party services.
  • Salesforce: Intermediate-level Salesforce development skills, including custom Apex classes development, test class creation, Salesforce integration, and workflow automation.
  • Adobe Suite: Experience in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Illustrator for designing visually appealing user interfaces and editing images.
  • Figma: In-depth experience using Figma to view, edit, and create designs.
Database Management:
  • MySQL: Proficient in relational database management with MySQL, including database design, complex SQL queries, optimization, and backup & recovery.

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